Building of VSG’s momentum this year, Shun and I are running on the slogan of Let’s Keep Going to bring forth tangible solutions to issues on campus.

Working together as a Transparency, Equitable, Accountable, Mindful Team we truly believe we have the ability to enact positive change onto Vanderbilt’s campus and make a difference in every student’s life. From our personal involvement to initiatives we have actively brought forth on campus already, Shun and I have proven our ability to achieve actionable change on campus. However, the job is not done, so join us and let’s keep going together and better Vanderbilt!





Providing effective solutions to overlooked issues.

  • Host VSG Executive Board office hours & monthly updates

  • Offer UCC satellite hours in all housing areas

  • Establish leadership workshops for underrepresented groups

  • Create platform for supporting campus workers

  • Design affordability guide outlining campus resources



Creating equal opportunities for all undergraduates.

  • Supply mental health fund with access to online and off-campus therapy

  • Get LYFT on the commodore card

  • Provide transportation for student-teachers and interns

  • Increase funding for AB Graduate School Equity Fund & Experience Vanderbilt

  • Extend Headspace licenses to all undergraduates





Ensuring Vanderbilt meets student needs.

  • Improve course evaluations to resemble Rate My Professor

  • Distribute free menstrual products in all campus buildings

  • Mandate bystander intervention training in first-year orientation

  • Increase munchie swipes and include meal swipes at all sporting events

  • Advocate for rehearsal & storage spaces in all new residential colleges



Initiating lasting and cost-effective solutions to environmental concerns.

  • Expand university-wide pop-up thrift shop to include more items

  • Initiate reusable textbook drive with online catalog

  • Digitize Commodore Card to Apple/Google Wallet

  • Develop reusable to-go-box program across campus

  • Lower carbon neutrality goal & encourage green infrastructure investment




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